Rescue Organizations We Are Proud to Work With

We at Wheatland take pride in our efforts to encourage pet owners to consider adoption. In particular, we work with 2 wonderful Chicagoland rescue organizations.

One is called ROMP rescue. Also based in Chicago, ROMP is primarily an Italian Greyhound rescue. However, they bring us many other dogs, including Maltese, Yorkies, and Chihuahuas. They rescue these dogs from some very unfortunate situations and have wonderful groomers that save their skin and coats from the wear and tear of puppy mills and negligent homes. Some are also surrendered from loving homes when an owner passes away or cannot have the dogs due to life circumstances. Many have particularly troublesome dental health, and we generally neuter these animals, treat some chronic conditions, and perform many dental surgeries.
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Another rescue we work with is As Good As Gold. They specialize in Golden Retrievers. The dogs have a wide array of stories, but generally are very adoptable and sweet. We perform services ranging from routine preventive care such as vaccines, to neutering, to oral surgery.
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We would like to extend a special thanks to Zoetis and Novartis Animal Health as well. These companies donate pain medication and suture in order for us to provide the lowest cost veterinary care possible to these great rescues. Without their donations and low cost care for these animals, homing them would be impossible.