Eye problems are some of the most common medical conditions in companion animals. Some common disorders of the eyes include glaucoma, cataracts, allergies, corneal ulcers, dry eye, entropion (inward-rolling of the eyelids), and distichia (extra hairs in the eyelid that rub on the cornea). The cornea is actually one of the most sensitive organs in the body, so keeping the eyes healthy is very important. Any animal with red or itchy eyes should be examined promptly, as they will commonly traumatize their itchy eyes quickly. We often perform a fluorescein stain test, which outlines corneal scratches or ulcers. We also test eyes for tear-producing ability and check eye pressures in search of glaucoma. We perform many procedures, ranging from corneal ulcer correction to entropion correction. Many dogs with vision-blocking cataracts benefit from surgical removal of the cataract, however this requires the equipment and expertise of a specialist, and we have wonderful specialists locally that we refer patients to.