Behavior Consultations

Every year, many pet owners have to say goodbye to their beloved companions due to undesirable or aggressive behaviors. Our passionate opinion is that the majority of these situations can be avoided with proper owner training and education. Your veterinarian must not only understand animal behavior, but they must be willing to take the time to help you address these concerns. At Wheatland, we make this a priority. We provide excellent behavioral counseling for our clients and individualized management plans. There is nothing more rewarding than saving the relationship you have with your pet.

Here is a short list of some of the behavioral problems we manage:

At Wheatland, we evaluate pet behaviors from a pet's perspective. We ask ourselves why a pet is acting the way they are. Are they fearful or confused? Do they know what is expected of them? What motivates them? When we ask these questions and answer them like a pet would, it is amazing how many of these problems can be fixed. Come find out why Wheatland is the best for behavior consultations and let us help you repair the relationship you have with your pet.