Wheatland Animal Hospital is a family-owned clinic and we want to show you and your pet(s) how it feels to truly be cared for by a veterinary team. We are breaking the mold of the traditional veterinary clinic by creating an environment with open communication for you and a comfortable, fear-free environment with top of the line medical care for your pet. At Wheatland, we make every attempt to keep our appointment schedules running on time so you aren't kept waiting. We focus on open communication and will explain all of the diagnostic and treatment options for your pet without any pressure or judgement. We provide all pets with the coziest, warmest environment possible to make their experience here positive. We won't rush exams or procedures on fearful animals and have a cat-specific exam room full of perches and toys. We will never take your pet to "the back" without letting you know exactly where they will be and what is being done. All surgical patients have continuous hands-on monitoring throughout their procedure and a nurse dedicated to their care for the day. We measure their vitals and provide IV fluids for all anesthetic patients, just like a human hospital would. Involvement in the community is also important to us. We host Boy and Girl Scout troops routinely and will have clients' children spend the day with us if they're interested in the veterinary field. We also provide low-cost medical and surgical services to local rescue groups. Most of all, our veterinarians and nurses are caring, compassionate, and the best-trained and knowledgeable around. We're different.

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